Connected Expats

Get connected with the world

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An online program and community designed to get you unstuck so you can live the life of your dreams. 


Step-by-Step Moving Guide

An in-depth, detailed course walking you through every aspect of an international move so you can execute a seamless transition abroad


Private Community

A group of fellow travelers here for you to celebrate your wins and hold you up when things get hard 


Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Interviews and Q&As with various expat experts where you can hear updated information on jobs, taxes, banking, housing and more

Stop dreaming and start living

If you know you want to make this leap but have no idea how to make it happen, or if you've been stuck in analysis paralysis, you're in the right place

You've scrolled through every #wanderlust post and watched hours of expat vlogs and are convinced you want to live a bigger life...but now what?

Join a program and a community designed to help you take the next step, and the one after that and the one after that until you're on a plane and settled into your new life, exploring the world and connecting with yourself. 

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Hi, I'm Travis

I believe the only way we can actually move forward is to get off our screens and into the world.

I've been living outside the US for more than half my adult life, exploring different countries and cultures and figuring out how to live and work abroad.

I started Connected Expats as a way to share all the mistakes I've made, tips I've learned and resources I've gathered in my eight years of travel, and also create a community of like-minded expats who understand the key to our existence is connection, both with ourselves and the world around us. 

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